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Working at home

What is it?

Join our Sales Group Training programme, launching April 2024 where we meet on zoom 1 x per week to sharpen up your sales skills, refine your communication, practise your pitch, plan your week and connect with other founders and sellers.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, BDM's & SDRs

Why Group-Coaching?

Group coaching gives you the unique opportunity to learn to sell in a performance environment with other sellers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Each unique member brings a different facet to the coaching so you can learn from others around you. 

You'll be kept accountable to weekly updates and experience live Q&A every week for real-time coaching on your sales questions. 

Sales is the life-force of your company, we take that seriously and you should too. It's time to level up your game.


Thursday Evening 6-7pm

Friday by 6pm

Monday AM

We meet on Zoom for a 1hr Sales Power hour. Each week has a different lesson from communication to discovery calls to confidence. Finishing with Live Q&A 

Your weekly accountability update. We keep you accountable to the numbers that drive your sales data, plus your wins and key takeaways from the week & goal-setting for the next week.

Monday AM audiiocast to kick off the week. 

Let's Get

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