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Online counselling

What is it?

1-1 Sales Coaching is a tailored programme targeted at drawing out your A-Game. 

It's uncomfortable, challenging and confronting, but if you bring your A-Game, we'll bring ours. 

This is a crash course in mastering sales and getting out of your own way

Why 1-1 Sales Coaching?

Tailored and focused coaching dedicated to you and your team. Whether you're a CEO or part of a team a successful sales team requires someone to lead from the front. 

We work through your blockers, your patterns and more to unlock the best salesperson in you. We refine your communication and your articulation until you can't not deliver a solid pitch. We reverse engineer your data to hit your goals and we keep you accountable to them. 

We meet weekly for a 45min coaching session for 12 weeks. 


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Get to know you & your blockers

Data Capture

Refining your message

Planning and preparation

Reverse engineering your goals 

Working through your blockers 

Rehearsing communication

Preparation for sprint phase

Continued pitch practise 

Working through your blockers 

2 Week Sprint Phase

Getting you to your next level 

Let's Get

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