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Working at home

What is it?

Our Momentum Activation Method is a 3-part strategy; you provide us with an existing list of leads that are in your database or have agreed to be contacted by you, we workshop an offer, we contact the prospects directly and we set up your BDM with qualified prospect calls

What's Included?

  • curious and experienced UK-based sales team that understands the values of your customers and asks the right questions to find their pain points

  • Calendar bookings with hot prospects so that your key employees can have their focused attention on other revenue generating activities, instead of cold calls

  • human, friendly and chatty sales approach that keeps in line with your brand voice. A trusted team that understands the importance of maintaining your brand reputation

  • Gather data and further insights into your clients and monthly reporting that can constitute towards your market research. We’ll display the key messages we’ve received from your clients so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Reduce in-house hiring costs and time expenses by relying on already trained reps to do your leg work





"Business Download" - we dive inside your organisation

Develop scripts & frameworks

Set metrics & objectives

Communicate your offer to your leads 

Qualify interested prospects

Book hot prospects into your calendar

Review Data & Analytics

Let's Get

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